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214 Port said street, Sporting, Alexandria, Egypt.
list of out operations


Lasik Wavelight Ex-500

Refractive lens exchange

I C L & Artisan

cornea surgeries




Well equipped operating rooms that contain all what we need in modern cataract surgery ; the premium IOLS will give us the best outcome for our patients :

The cataract unit had three phacoemulsification machines ” by Alcon  and  J & J ” with top notch technology zeiss ophthalmic microscopes .



retina unit

Our care for the diabetic and the retina patient wil start from the out patient clinic going through the best investigative and imaging machines    ” Heidelberg FA & Heidelberg  OCT  ” up to the ophthalmic lasers ” NIDEK & QUANTEL “ .

Our vitreoretinal surgery unit has the best machine ” DORC _ EVA “ operated by well experienced retina consultants.



 pediatric UNIT

Our pediatric and strabismus unit is well known in with an excellent experience in Egypt and the middle east;

The pediatric ophthalmologist has a unique experience in children eye care.



Dedicated for cosmetic and reconstructive lid surgeries also has the facility to operate orbital surgeries.


glaucoma UNIT

It is an underestimated subspecialty that need a lot of devotion to educate, follow, treat and operate glaucoma patients.

It has the necessary equipment for assessment of glaucoma patients the surgical curriculum in our glaucoma unit is new obtaining excellent results with a new era of non-penetrating glaucoma surgeries.